Putting The Buzz in Formal Look With Formal Shoes For Men!


A man always puts his best self forward when in a corporate environment. And why should he not? In such an intimidating atmosphere it is nothing short of foolish to hold back. But the same applies to the way you present yourself as well. In terms of body language and clothing. Anything but well thought through attires can be a problem.

Shoes are the make or break factor for every ensemble. Men’s formal shoes should be comfortable, classy and spot on when gearing up for work. Understanding these shoes can be a little tricky since they all have different things to offer in terms of convenience, looks and well, let’s be honest- price. So we’re doing the job for you! Here is a list of all the men’s formal shoes you need for your distinct corporate look.

These are the best oxford men’s formal footwear we have to offer. Their finesse is unparalleled in terms of how incredibly sleek and refined they can look. They look good only in dark colors like black or brown. Your suit is no good if you don’t have a pair of Balmorals to go with it. You can rotate them in the week and wear them with almost every suit you have.

The styles you can choose from include cap toe, brogue, plain toe, and whole cut. Do not combine these with jeans, unless you want to look like someone who forgot his way from a cowboy club.

These are the shoes that have a lacing system sewn outside of the shoe. Unlike Balmorals, these go well with jeans and a jacket. They’re usually bought in suede but leather works better. You can choose from derbys, saddle shoes and spectator. If you’re a comfort freak you can also go for laced moccasins

Loafers or Slip-Ons
They don’t compare to the above two options in terms of looks but offer great comfort. They’re easy to slip on and remove and the perfect pair to carry when traveling for work because they’re versatile and can be paired with anything, even casuals

No shoe can compete with genuine leather shoes, so it is always advisable to buy all the above categories in leather. They take these already stunning shoes to another level. They might seem like an intimidating invest to make at first but good genuine leather shoes will last you for years, so they’re definitely worth investing in.