Types of Leather Jackets for Men!


Over the past few years, leather jackets have gone from being the uniform of rebels to basic household wardrobe staples for men.  It has become something you carry around to transform your look completely. On an average day, you simply wear this leather jacket over your shirt and tie on your way to the bar after work. Once purchased, you are bound to get obsessed and wear it a lot, so it pays to get it right.  Here are the basic things you need to know, that will help you choose amongst the wide range of leather jackets for men out there.

Do you follow Hollywood celebrities? if so, then it is quite hard to get over these leather jackets.  Remember the legendary leather jackets? Regardless of your personal style there is a wide range of jackets for you to choose from when it comes to men’s leather jackets.  Here are a few.

First of all, a bomber jacket is the one you go for if you want an upgrade from the biker jacket. It’s a simple collared jacket which can be zipped from the front and the pockets. If you’re looking for a basic simple jacket, this is your pick.

Racer jacket is another option that you cannot avoid. This is the one that has no collar at all and plain bottom cuffs. It is an ideal pick for you only if you are always in shape since it is always worn a little tight and fitted.

A fatigue jacket is longer than most jackets and like the name suggests is more relaxed in its fit than others. It can be buttoned or zipped and often both. It is the jacket you wear casually outdoors for a round around the block.

And lastly, there is the flying jacket. They’re definitely the edgiest when it comes to leather jackets and often the warmest. Their fur lining makes them ideal for winter use.

These are the basic 4 jackets that will have you covered no matter what your personal style. From casually walking your dog to a night out with friends, you can pick a jacket that will fit any occasion you might have in mind. But make sure you pick one from a trusted brand and a good store. A cheap jacket might show signs of wear in one season but a good one can last you as much as a decade.