Your guide to a perfect leather wallet

Wallet is a man’s basic necessity and we all agree that every man needs a wallet. No man can do without it! A man should invest well in a wallet because that is going to be one of his most prized possession since it is literally going to contain all of his prized possession.  And it is also going to be one of the very few things that he is always going to carry with him.  But wallets are not given the importance it requires. Wallet is a man’s basic necessity and we all agree that every man needs a wallet. No man can do without it! A man should invest well in a wallet because that is going to be one of his most prized possession since it is literally going to contain all of his prized possession.  And it is also going to be one of the very few things that he is always going to carry with him.  But wallets are not given the importance it requires.

When it comes to wallets, leather has proven to be the best over the past years and there is no denying there. Leather is one of the finest materials used for wallets. There are also several types of wallets and you can choose whatever best suits you as long as it is leather!

Teakwood is one of the top brands when it comes to leather wallets. It has been its specialty for years now and it is evident in the quality of their products. Here is what Teakwood wallets have to offer that are absolutely necessary to keep in mind while buying wallets-

• Finest qualityteakwoodleathers1There is no argument here that leather beats all other materials when it comes to quality. There is nothing stronger and more classic than leather.

• Wallet careteakwoodleathers3At times, people are under the impression that leather is very high maintaince and that’s why they settle for less. But Teakwood wallets are very easy to handle. They are made with the best quality of leather which lasts long and stays strong.

• Ample spaceteakwoodleathers2We understand how cash isn’t the only thing you need to carry in your wallet and that’s why wallets at Teakwood are designed with maximum space to give you the best experience and full satisfaction.

• Safetyteakwoodleathers4Teakwood wallets will provide the ultimate safety that you deserve. You do not have to be worried about your money falling out of your wallet while you are casually walking down the road. We also design wallets with zips for people who like to be extra careful!

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Talking about leather all the time has been a hobby now! But every time there is something new to talk and know about. Today it’s all about leather belts! And everything else.
Well, it’s a fact that some people don’t like to buy real leather products. Because of the obvious reasons – because of their ethical or religious stance on using animal products etc.
However for most people, real leather is always preferred over fake leather.teakwood1You know why, because with fake leather usually chosen simply because it is cheaper or easier to find in a given color or style than the real deal.

Leather belts are a style statement and this fashion will not fade for the next 20 years, at least I can vouch on that! And with your all dressy attire you need a highlight to differentiate. You need accessories. And belt is foremost one of the best you can carry without stressing much on how will you look!teakwood2It Is Extremely Tough– Leather is a material which is strong indeed and is tough because of its properties. You might not find fine leather everywhere but on stop destination is where I came across with tremendous of styles and cuts and patterns of leather products. Just not accessories as belts, but shoes, wallets, sandals, slippers, outdoor and indoor wear etc and what not to shop, is all available at teakwood leathers!teakwood3It’s Breathable
As we all are aware, this is another property of leather, Leather is a natural material that lets your skin breathe when you wear it, rather than trapping sweat inside.
Did you know this is why real leather shoes feel much better than other synthetic materials, and why you feel far less sweaty and nasty in a real leather coat than in a fake one. Well you got the answers!

Go shop for your Taste. Your colour. Your type of belts and everything else! But Leather!
Happy Teakwood shopping!



Where does all your money go? Well before they go out anywhere, they stride into your Wallet. Wallets are essential in this day and age. A little you need to know about leather is- Leather is a fabric that has been used by humans to make clothes and accessories.etc, long before.

That long before era when the fashion industry as we know it appeared.

Leather is a great material to keep, wear because it protects the human body or goods.

It has been in all eras, and pretty much in every culture and the best part is they knew why they were choosing it.

With a fact we can’t deny is- it is comfortable and long-lasting.


Some companies hand out wallets for promotional purposes or souvenirs from sports teams, which make for great, fun gifts.

There are numerous wallets for men online, those leather wallets that are far more durable and better looking than most of the other types of wallets on the market today. You can always visit to search for any leather product, accessory such like shoes, belts, wallets, watches and what not! And you’ll receive the finest quality of all with great variety indeed.

For younger people, these types of wallets show a maturity that your old wallet just does not show.


So, leather products is for all age groups, be it a young teenager, a maturing adult or a working professional.

Leather is a very elegant material. Besides from lasting a long time, leather usually keeps its quality in time as well.

Did you know in leather, the natural color or dyed, leather will always add a certain degree of quality. Be it any design.
Everything looks more powerful in leather.

It’s a saying that leather wallets look better than plastic wallets, leather pants look more badass than cotton pants. So? What are you waiting for? Go for small leather wallets or men or women online.


Leather is resistant to dry abrasion, can be resistant to fire (if treated for it), and it is partly waterproof. With so much of qualities in a single product one cannot miss to not buy such stuff.

Unlike other materials, leather is also resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks. Leather is also lint and dust-free, which means that it will look and feel just as brand new even if you don’t treat it in a special way.                                                                                               Let’s shop LEATHER today!


Reasons to Invest in a Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the most expensive investment one can make to his/her closet. The part and parcel of everyone’s fall wardrobe, this fashion staple is a must-have for all. Winter chills and the leather love go hand in hand. Since this expensive essential digs a big hole in your bank balance, one usually gets stumped on buying one or not.
Well to clear the air, we have culled the reasons for you to finally invest in a leather jacket this season.


The leather jacket has always been in vogue and is a cool guy affair. From celebrities like Hugh Jackman to runway designers like Alexander Mc Queen and Tom Ford, the awe-inspiring leather has always left the crowd drool over this rich textile. If you are a person with eclectic taste then the leather jackets are your thing. It adds oodles of charisma to your look and an extension to your personality.


When talking about versatility, a leather jacket sets the stage here. It looks good on every outfit with an added impact of class and luxury on you. Trade it with a classic shirt and jeans or tune it with a t-shirt and a pair of boots, this would never leave you disappointed. If you have more of formal meetings and conference events to attend, you might want to go for a blazer whereas if you are a party going freak and love casual walks on street, then the leather jackets come in handy.



A leather jacket is the most durable part of your wardrobe and is a timeless staple that can be carried along for years. The rich texture and the finely crafted details set them out amass the regular jackets available in the market. This ageless fashion treat to your winter wardrobe can stay all pristine because of its rich quality and fine built. Given, this iconic style never goes out of fashion you can carry it anytime regardless of being laid back in style or off- trends.



A leather jacket fits like a second skin. The well-tailored cuts and stitch of a premium leather jacket make in an on-the-go option for one to add to their closet. Leather jackets come in a variety of designs, from zipped and cuffed bombers to zip and hem belted biker jackets. Keep in mind which would suit you better, where often you’d like to carry it and choose accordingly. A leather jacket can be dressed up and down, it looks over-dressed or underdressed and any given point or place.



The main concern when dressing up in winters lies in wearing something that is warm and cozy. A leather jacket with its high insulating properties provides you the necessary warmth. Surely, other jackets might have the insulating features too but a leather jacket stands off the others due to its lush feel and unmissable comfort.



Now is the time when men carry bags just as women do. Among the variety of bags available in the market, a man should know which bag will suit him and his personality all time and is the most reliable one to invest in. Well, leather bags have been the most durable and a classic piece of all times and it’s a must for one to add it in their wardrobe if you are into sophistication and class. The leather bags lends you an ultra modern look and is a conventional piece you would love to carry, the long lasting feature of this bag makes it worth spending a whooping amount.

We have segregated some of the best leather bags for men which you must invest in this season.

teakwood Leather men_s leather bags 1

Duffel bags are the stylish and handy bags you can carry to your gym and even short trips and tours. These cylindrical bags with a top closure give you an optimum space to load all you gym essentials or even clothes in it. This genuine leather bag is a great option for those who love flaunting and want to achieve a polished look for any time of the day.

teakwood Leather men_s leather bags 2

Chasing to achieve a casual formal look to impress your colleagues and boss at the office? Hold this Teakwood Leather Tan bag to take your confidence and your looks flicker. Absolutely spacious to carry, this bag can hold your files and laptops thus providing great grip to your hand and shoulders to walk in confidence and ease all day long.

teakwood Leather men_s leather bags 3

Messenger bags are the most comfortable bags you can carry to any where all day and night after leather backpacks. This Teakwood Leather Genuine Leather bag is a must have for you if you love being the center of the show yet staying comfortable all day long. This luxurious classic will stay with you for a long time holding all your class and style on point. Comfortable to carry and the polished finish of this bag makes it an unmissable option for you to incorporate it in your wardrobe right now.

Indulge in this luxurious comfort with teakwood Leather men’s leather bags for a timeless service and contemporary fashion.

Biker Jackets for Bold Look

One staple that everyone loves to have in their closet, be it man or woman, is a leather jacket. They are so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear, they go with everything and they are as durable as you can get, not to mention stylish. A leather jacket is the perfect accompaniment to our jeans, but with all the different washes of denim out there and the different colours of leather jackets, which jeans go with which jackets?

For a night out? Go moto. At the office? Try something sleek. Glamming up jeans? Embellishments for the win. From real to faux, plain to studded, boxy to bomber, here are the best leather jackets to buy now and wear forever.

Black Leather Jacket

biker jacket1

The black leather jacket is probably the most common and most iconic piece that you can get. Often coming with a biker fit and feel to it, it can be dressed up and worn over anything at all, even dresses and skirts. When it comes to your jeans though, what shades work best with it?

Brown Leather Jacket

biker jacket2

Brown leather jackets are my go to actually as they work so well for people with blonde hair. Even though I own black, brown seems to be a little softer against my skin tone which is why I love to wear it so much. Obviously you can get varying tones of brown from light tan to dark mahogany, but here’s my advice for this one.

Blue Leather Jacket

biker jacket3

Blue is a classic too isn’t it? But you might be thinking it’s too much blue. There’s a way to wear a navy leather jacket that looks good and not too much like a uniform, this goes for both the men and women out there who love dark blue leather. Definitely don’t be afraid of it and remember to keep away from dark blue in denim.


Faux or genuine? Depending upon your choice, you can choose the best leather jacket that can go with your casual attire.


Good Reasons For Trusting Leather Bags

Whether you are working or a student? Laptop bags are something that all age groups needed, and most of you must be agreeing on this since you carry it to work or your education center daily. There is a wide range of bags available in the market and nylon, canvas, leather etc. are few materials in which you can find these laptop bags. So, when someone goes out to shop the range of laptop, then getting lost in the wide range is quite an issue that most of you encounter. In order to cut down the confusion, we have come up with some reasons that can explain the utility of leather bags and why you should choose leather laptop bags.

Here is the list of reasons for choosing leather bags over other materials that are available in the bags:

1. Leather Adds Lavish Touch To Your Style

These laptop bags offer an urbane, classy and professional look to the user. Who doesn’t want to look classy yet stylish at work? Of course, everyone wants to look professional and classy at work. Whether you are wearing a suit or in simple formal attire (crisp formal shirt and pants), you can easily add a style to your simple and boring by carrying brown leather bag.

2. Easy To Carry


Since the texture is so smooth, these bags are quite easy to carry and also gives you all the comfort you deserve when running late for your meeting or any professional meet-up. You can simply carry it and feel the comfort with your formal attire.

3. Ideal for All Age Groups

Gone are the days when leather bags were only associated with professionals or working people, however, the scenario has changed and now even students prefer to move along with these bags. From a student to a professional, leather bags for men have become an essential accessory to carry along.


Apart from the aforementioned reasons, these bags are quite durable. Now, you must have understood the significance of leather over other materials, so next time you go for purchasing men’s leather bags online, you might have the reasons to relying on leather laptop bags.