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How To Wear Monk Strap Shoes Casually?

Bored of wearing Monk Strap shoes formally? If such is the situation, then you have reached on the right place. Get ready for some amazing styling ways that will keep your entire formal look little casual with the casual twist. So explore the ways that are quite popular among men to bring some freshness and newness to your basic style!

Shorts, Tees and Double Monk Strap Shoes


You must be wondering, how could one can pair up these men’s formal shoes with such casual outfit. Well, if you follow the latest fashion trends, then you must have read or heard about this styling. Try your hand on this casual styling that is tossed up with a touch of formal elegance. Many men like to try out new things out, and how about getting yourself into these beachy casual attire with the fusion of formal. Team these formal shoes with your cotton shorts and polo shirts and you are ready to astonish your folks with your amazing casual fashion.

Blazer, T-shirt and Single Monk Strap Shoes


BLAZER? You must thinking about the blowing up the blazer in this blazing heat. Well, you don’t have as summer jackets or blazers are the perfect summer staple, if you want to add some formal vibes to your casual look. Grab pastel colored cotton blazer and wear collar t-shirt under it and complete your semi-casual appeal by grabbing a pair of denim joggers and last but certainly not the least, black pair of genuine leather single monk strap shoes.

Last Words

Monk Strap shoes admittedly aren’t for everyone, however, there are a number of ways you can incorporate them into your casual as well as formal closet. So, if you like the ways, do try them out and create the magic. There are many brands that offer a wide collection of high-quality, durable and genuine leather formal shoes for men. Therefore, it is really important to choose the best leather monk shoes from the range of leather formal shoes.


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Best Leather Shoes For Professionals


Choosing the best pair of formal shoes for men, has always been a problem, let’s take the bull by the horns and ease out the way of selecting best shoe styles for professionals. This blog will reveal some men’s formal shoes that can make your formal look with their design and style without compromising on comfort. So read below and get yourself revealed to some formal leather shoes for men.

Black Brogue Shoes for Men

Designed to perfection, these brogue shoes are perfect wear to accentuate your formal look. They are quite classy and stylish in the design and when it comes to comfort, it tops the list of comfortable shoes. There are many corporate men who keep their formal look little quirky and crisp at work. If you are one of them, then men’s brogue shoes are ideal wear for you. There are some big brands that offer leather brogue shoes, so you are fond of leather, then explore the brands that provide high quality leather shoes for men. Pair these black brogue shoes with your light grey formal pants and white t-shirt.

Tan Monk Strap Shoes for Men

Teakwood (2)

Monk Strap shoes for men is one of the best styles in formal shoes and if they are crafted from genuine leather, it is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. As monk strap shoes don’t have lacing feature which makes popular among the youth. Double monk strap shoes are quite popular among professionals as they offer the wearer a very fine and sharp look with their double strap feature on the side of the shoes. So add some elegance with sharpness by wearing these double strap shoes to your work. Team these tan monk strap shoes with your black formal suit to grab eyeballs.

Brown Loafers For Men

Want to dress yourself down with some casual pair of shoes, them keep these loafers in your shoe wardrobe to keep your look light yet trendy with the semi-casual loafers. These days, tasselled loafers are very popular among men as it gives your look a dash of style and elegance at the same time. Pair these brown loafers with your dark grey suit to boost your look.


In a nutshell, the aforementioned formals shoes are best styles for professionals, so choose from the best online site that offers plethora of high quality leather shoes for men.

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Top 3 Reasons To Rely Upon Leather Laptop Bags

Laptop Bags for Men

Whether you are working or a student? Laptop bags are something that all age groups needed, and most of you must be agreeing on this since you carry it to work or your education center daily. There is a wide range of bags available in the market and nylon, canvas, leather etc. are few materials in which you can find these laptop bags. So, when someone goes out to shop the range of laptop, then getting lost in the wide range is quite an issue that most of you encounter. In order to cut down the confusion, we have come up with some reasons that can explain the utility of leather bags and why you should choose leather laptop bags.

Here is the list of reasons for choosing leather bags over other materials that are available in the bags:

1. Leather Adds Lavish Touch To Your Style

These laptop bags offer an urbane, classy and professional look to the user. Who doesn’t want to look classy yet stylish at work? Of course, everyone wants to look professional and classy at work. Whether you are wearing a suit or in simple formal attire (crisp formal shirt and pants), you can easily add a style to your simple and boring by carrying brown leather bag.

2. Easy To Carry

Men's Laptop Bags

Since the texture is so smooth, these bags are quite easy to carry and also gives you all the comfort you deserve when running late for your meeting or any professional meet-up. You can simply carry it and feel the comfort with your formal attire.

3. Ideal for All Age Groups

Gone are the days when leather bags were only associated with professionals or working people, however, the scenario has changed and now even students prefer to move along with these bags. From a student to a professional, leather bags for men have become an essential accessory to carry along.


Apart from the aforementioned reasons, these bags are quite durable. Now, you must have understood the significance of leather over other materials, so next time you go for purchasing men’s leather bags online, you might have the reasons to relying on leather laptop bags.

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Putting The Buzz in Formal Look With Formal Shoes For Men!


A man always puts his best self forward when in a corporate environment. And why should he not? In such an intimidating atmosphere it is nothing short of foolish to hold back. But the same applies to the way you present yourself as well. In terms of body language and clothing. Anything but well thought through attires can be a problem.

Shoes are the make or break factor for every ensemble. Men’s formal shoes should be comfortable, classy and spot on when gearing up for work. Understanding these shoes can be a little tricky since they all have different things to offer in terms of convenience, looks and well, let’s be honest- price. So we’re doing the job for you! Here is a list of all the men’s formal shoes you need for your distinct corporate look.

These are the best oxford men’s formal footwear we have to offer. Their finesse is unparalleled in terms of how incredibly sleek and refined they can look. They look good only in dark colors like black or brown. Your suit is no good if you don’t have a pair of Balmorals to go with it. You can rotate them in the week and wear them with almost every suit you have.

The styles you can choose from include cap toe, brogue, plain toe, and whole cut. Do not combine these with jeans, unless you want to look like someone who forgot his way from a cowboy club.

These are the shoes that have a lacing system sewn outside of the shoe. Unlike Balmorals, these go well with jeans and a jacket. They’re usually bought in suede but leather works better. You can choose from derbys, saddle shoes and spectator. If you’re a comfort freak you can also go for laced moccasins

Loafers or Slip-Ons
They don’t compare to the above two options in terms of looks but offer great comfort. They’re easy to slip on and remove and the perfect pair to carry when traveling for work because they’re versatile and can be paired with anything, even casuals

No shoe can compete with genuine leather shoes, so it is always advisable to buy all the above categories in leather. They take these already stunning shoes to another level. They might seem like an intimidating invest to make at first but good genuine leather shoes will last you for years, so they’re definitely worth investing in.

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Types of Leather Jackets for Men!


Over the past few years, leather jackets have gone from being the uniform of rebels to basic household wardrobe staples for men.  It has become something you carry around to transform your look completely. On an average day, you simply wear this leather jacket over your shirt and tie on your way to the bar after work. Once purchased, you are bound to get obsessed and wear it a lot, so it pays to get it right.  Here are the basic things you need to know, that will help you choose amongst the wide range of leather jackets for men out there.

Do you follow Hollywood celebrities? if so, then it is quite hard to get over these leather jackets.  Remember the legendary leather jackets? Regardless of your personal style there is a wide range of jackets for you to choose from when it comes to men’s leather jackets.  Here are a few.

First of all, a bomber jacket is the one you go for if you want an upgrade from the biker jacket. It’s a simple collared jacket which can be zipped from the front and the pockets. If you’re looking for a basic simple jacket, this is your pick.

Racer jacket is another option that you cannot avoid. This is the one that has no collar at all and plain bottom cuffs. It is an ideal pick for you only if you are always in shape since it is always worn a little tight and fitted.

A fatigue jacket is longer than most jackets and like the name suggests is more relaxed in its fit than others. It can be buttoned or zipped and often both. It is the jacket you wear casually outdoors for a round around the block.

And lastly, there is the flying jacket. They’re definitely the edgiest when it comes to leather jackets and often the warmest. Their fur lining makes them ideal for winter use.

These are the basic 4 jackets that will have you covered no matter what your personal style. From casually walking your dog to a night out with friends, you can pick a jacket that will fit any occasion you might have in mind. But make sure you pick one from a trusted brand and a good store. A cheap jacket might show signs of wear in one season but a good one can last you as much as a decade.